Centre for Media Studies (CMS) is an independent professional forum engaged in research, policy advocacy, advisory services and programme evaluation. CMS endeavors for accountability, responsiveness and transparency in policymaking and public systems and services. CMS initiatives, debates and dialogues on important public issues are well appreciated nationally.

CMS has emerged as an inter-disciplinary professional body with a wide range of concerns and capability in areas of communication studies, environment, social research, social development, public opinion research, training and
performance appraisal. CMS initiatives with regard to regulatory framework, including in the media sector, are well known.

Over the years, CMS has taken up lead initiatives in evolving citizens' charter, Social Auditing, capacity building, transparency in public utilities, electoral reforms, information equity, good governance and campaign strategies. CMS Academy is well known for its conferences, seminars, training and orientation programmes for senior functionaries, decision makers and those in voluntary organizations.
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Centre for Media Studies (CMS)
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