The Steering Committee for the conference comprises of a group of world-renowned experts in the field of Development Communication. The members through their experience have helped in curating this conference. Many of them will also be present at the conference.

Mr. Alfonso Gumucio   

Managing Director,
Communication for Social Change Consortium

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I celebrate the leadership of India in calling for the first global conference in Asia on Communication for Social Development: Discourse and Practice. Many previous international events on this topic have taken place in the Western world, including the World Congress of Communication for Development (WCCD) in Rome, in 2006.  This seems to be the first opportunity to turn things around, allowing the global South to facilitate the interactions. The experience of Latin America, Asia and Africa in developing communication processes for social change that go beyond a conventional media-based approach, has been enormous during the past 50 years. We have learned that communication for social change is a process of participation, and not the accrual of messages and information.  We have a clear leadership in terms of experience and reflection.  This conference will help to develop it further, on the basis of strengthening South-to-South exchanges.

Dr. Arvind Singhal

University of Texas

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This conference provides a forum for scholars and practitioners to come together to move practice and scholarship on communication and social change onward and upward.
Dr. N Bhaskar Rao


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The Conference on Communication in November 2007 is going to be a landmark event for all those engaged in social development, development communication, reforms communication and concerned with global media policies and shifts in the media paradigm sweeping developing countries. There is so much to share, debate, experiment and explore in these areas. I am sure the Hyderabad Conference is going to be more than symbolic towards a new coalition, exploring synergies and in putting the issues on a more serious pedestal or perspective.
Prof. Cleofe S. Torres

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Communication is a natural activity among humans. When deliberately designed to pursue the value goals of empowerment, equity, environmentalism, and entrepreneurship, it acquires the power to be a catalyst for social change. Because social realities differ, then devcom is highly contextual and cultural. There could be as many variants. The common threads that bind this unique process together is that it remains pro-people (referring to the poor, marginalized, and disadvantaged) and pro-choice. We can only initiate and facilitate the process; but the substance of discourse and the final decision rest on the people. I believe that the symposium will be a good avenue to celebrate the rich diversity in the practice of devcom.
Prof. Vinod Pavarala

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Organizing Committee

The members of the Organizing Committee comprises of professionals from Centre for Media Studies and S N School of Performing Arts, Fine Arts and Communication

Ms. P N Vasanti Chief Coordinator
Ms. Kalpana Bindu Coordinator
Mr. S Narendra Advisor
Prof. B P Sanjay Advisor
Ms. Priya Verma Administrative Officer
Mr. Rohit Singh Administrative Officer
Centre for Media Studies (CMS)
SN School of Performing Arts,
Fine Arts and Communication.

University of Hyderabad
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