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University of Hyderabad
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Dates: November 1-3, 2007, Venue: University of Hyderabad, India
In the public domain, Communication plays a crucial role in every sector: For instance, in the business sector, it informs people of products, services, policies, consumer rights etc. In the development sector, it helps to create awareness towards equitable and sustainable development. Communication through the performing and fine arts helps us to depict our life, values and culture. Among these various functions of communication in multiple domains, the purpose of this conference was to study and discuss the role of communication in development initiatives. Initiatives like using ICT for education, creating a media campaign for polio eradication, making a film on tribal rights, addressing gender issues through legal regulations, are all instances of using communication for social development. The significance of communication in development has long been recognized and is studied
under "Development Communication". Though there are several conferences and spaces that discuss communication or development, there are few that discuss communication for development. Realizing this, CMS, a pioneer in research for social development in India, took the initiative of establishing such a platform. It also provided an opportunity for professionals and students in this area to share their findings and learn from those of others. The conference thus gave a platform for deliberating on the theory, implementation methods, research, media and approaches used, policies, role of stakeholders in development communication.

The conference programme will include

  • Plenary Sessions on contemporary communication issues by experts
  • Thematic Tracks: select paper presentations
  • Panel Discussions
  • Workshops*
  • Open House – moderated audience discussion
  • IEC Exhibition presentation of print material of significant campaigns from South Asia
  • Sale of related publications and materials
  • Audio- Video Hub to view and share electronic initiatives
  • Evening Excursions*