Development Communication is a discipline, which has its own constantly evolving theory and models, at the same time, it has a large number of applications in the various sectors of development. This conference seeks to address all these issues along with cross cutting issues like issues of gender and poverty, etc. that are common to all aspects of development. The following tracks demonstrate the scope of the conference and papers are invited in these tracks. However, any paper that is related to development communication and does not fit the tracks specified here is also welcome. The papers may address these issues in a variety of formats including Case Studies, Research findings, Audio/ Visual/ Print Documentation, Critical Analysis, etc. 

Theme 1: Communication in ‘development initiatives’

This theme includes discussion on the role of communication in development initiatives. It also discusses how communication plans are made, implemented and evaluated in these initiatives.

Sub Themes:

  1. Communication for Sustainable Development
  2. Health Communication
  3. Communication for Good Governance
  4. Communication for Human Rights
  5. Communication in Education

Theme 2: Media, Methods and Issues in Development Communication

This theme will focus on discussing the various media, methods and approaches used in development communication. It will also discuss other topical issues in development communication including its current trends, critical review of the dominant paradigm, alternative approaches, etc.

Sub Themes:

  1. ICT and New Media Technologies
  2. Role of Mainstream Media, Community Media, Folk Media in development communication
  3. Approaches in Communication including participatory approach, prescriptive approach, community driven approach, etc.
  4. Issues in development communication like access, copyright, issues of implementation, evaluation, scale-up, accountability, public-private partnership etc.


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