Thematic Paper Sessions

  • Health Communication
    1. Dr. K S Arul Selvan -"Capacity Building on Health Reporting among Vernacular Journalists"

    2. Swarna Manjari Behera and Dr. K.S. Bharath Kumar - "Effects of Mass Media on Knowledge of AIDS in Indian States"

    3. Zubeeda Banu Quraishy -"Implementing Information Management Systems in Primary Health care sector : Challenges & Prospects - Experiences from a case Study in India"

    4. Devaki Nambiar - "Television Exposure & Knowldege of HIV Transmission and Prevention Among Youth in Delhi: Qualitative & Quantitative Findings"

    Discussants: Dr Usha Raman, Communication Consultant, & Dr. R. S. Goyal IIHMR, Jaipur

  • Education & Critical Pedagogies
    1. Ruchi Jaggi- "Media students and development communication: The missing link"
    2. Dr. Naga Mallika & Ms Bhanumati- "Importance of 'contextual' education: Adivasi children in Andhra Pradesh"
    3. Ms Tanya Jakimow- "Answering the Critics: The Potential and Limitations of Communication and Learning Strategies as Practical Responses to Post-development Critiques"
    4. Ms. Jo Tacchi - "Ethnographic(per) versions and creative engagement through locally created content"
    Discussant - Prof P. Thirumal, SN School of Communication, U o H


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